Custom made 12m galvanised gates

Galvanised Gates are a smart move

When considering hoarding, it pay to think about the whole package.  Smart gates = Smart site.  Gates set the tone for a site.  Perimeters now exclusively installs fully galvanised gates.  Galvanised gates look smarter on installation. But they also stay looking smart throughout the life of your site. A smart gate combined with the smooth surface of Perimeters' hoarding sets the tone for a site.  So when you think about hoarding, also ensure you have your gates galvanised. Perimeters fabricate our own galvanised gates Perimeters has its gates fabricated.  We can design...

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Bell mouth entrance

Bell mouth, keeps everybody safe at Trewoon site

Bell mouth entrance at St Mewan Lane Trewoon The Perimeters' team created an elegant "bell mouth" site entrance for client Gilbert and Goode for their St Mewan Lane site at Trewoon neat St Austell.  Perimeters hoarding is very much more adaptable than traditional timber hoarding, so following a curve is no problem.   At Trewoon a 5m galvanized mesh gate secured the site whilst keeping up appearances. Safety first with a bell mouth Does your site have an entrance onto a narrow lane? Or into a high footfall area?  A...

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FSC timber ceritication logo

Perimeters use exclusively certified FSC timber posts

You'll be doing right by the environment working with Perimeters.  Perimeters exclusively use certified FSC timber.  FSC certification ensures our timber posts are from a sustainable source.  FSC certified timber provides assurance that the timber is being responsibly sourced. FSC timber ensure the sustainability of our materials As well as FSC certified timber , re-use our panels, and the scaffold framework.  By contrast, timber hoarding panels typically are not FSC certified. And timber hoarding is mostly imported to the UK.  This contrasts with Perimeters' panels which are manufactured in the UK.  The environmental impact of our...

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