Beautiful graphics on point at St Sidwells Exeter

On the site of the former Coach and Bus Station, Beautiful graphics now show how Exeter’s St Sidwell’s Point redevelopment is transforming an underutilized part of the city center into a flagship leisure facility for the people of Exeter.

Outer beauty reflects the inner purpose

Like the eternal city, Rome, St Sidwells Point won’t be built overnight.  Starting in summer 2018, the end client wanted the site’s appearance during the two years of works to reflect what the goals of the development were: adding style to the city center .

Main contractor Kier selected Perimeters to provide site enclosure.  Perimeters boards slot together with a tongue and groove between adjacent boards. The result is a smooth surface, which is ideal for supporting graphics.  And the site is now enclosed with full height beautiful graphics panels providing the citizens of Exeter with information.

Also like Rome, St Sidwells is at the junction of many roads, as well as joining the city center to residential areas.  The stylish graphics take full advantage of their location to promote interest in the development.  And because Perimeters uses reusable materials that won’t deteriorate during the development, the surfaces will stay true, meaning the message will continue to be conveyed with out distortion.

Beautiful functionality that is more than skin deep

Perimeters reusable hoarding was installed supported on our proprietary  kentledge system.  By using kentledge there is no need for digging, so no risk of disruption of subsurface services, and no post site rectification costs.

As important, selecting Perimeters reusable hoarding aligns with Exeter’s ethos of sustainable development.  Perimeters was a laureate in the 2018 Cornwall Sustainability Awards, Best Contribution Resource Managements. Traditional timber composite hoarding, would be sent to landfill at the end of a single use.  For sites running over several years, the entire hoarding may require replacement one or more times due to weathering.  Perimeters reusable hoarding will stay looking good for even the longest developments, and when the time comes for dismantling  all materials are reused or recycled.


Perimeters the choice for flagships projects in the South West

St Sidwells Point joins a growing list of prestige projects that have chosen Perimeters: Beckley Point in Plymouth, Beechwood Centre in Chletenham, Hall for Cornwall in Truro, The Royal Clarence Hotel in Exeter and Poundbury in Dorset.  Perimeters reusable hoarding not only is aesthetically pleasing, it also delivers the highest standards of safety.  With no nails or screw used on the boards, the risk for unfortunate incidents with passers by being caught is eliminated.  Also during works, the modular design avoids the need for use of onsite cutting tools, again reducing risks. Lastly by using inherently non-flammable materials the risks of fire are removed.

Beautifully presented Exeter

St Sidwells Point will focus on health and wellness.  So in the future, as now, St Sidwells Point will be synonymous with being beautifully presented.