Drummer at Hall for Cornwall was unveiled by Roger Taylor Truro native and the drummer of rock band Queen

Perimeters reusable hoarding plays its part in Hall for Cornwall revival

Perimeters reusable hoarding has been given a leading role in the ambitious refurbishment of Hall for Cornwall in the Cornish cathedral city of Truro.

A compact and challenging site

The site presented many of the challenges typical of building in the center of a city. The historic cultural landmark is sited in a busy pedestrian area in central Truro.  The developer, Kier, needed a location to place their offices and site welfare facilities adjacent to the building without adversely impacting neighbouring businesses that would stay open throughout the period of the works.

Further challenges, again typical of city centre redevelopment, was that outside of the site it would not be permitted to disrupt the surface, due to the density of services in place.  More unique challenges include moving the famous Drummer statue and taking account of abandoned mine workings.

Cornwall “where the drum beats differently”

The site of the, controversial with some, Drummer statue is being revived to bring even more bustle to the county town.   Given that rock legend Roger Taylor Truro born and bred and the actual drummer of Queen originally unveiled the statue, ambitions are sure to high for the re-opening night. Maybe having now won a Golden Globe with film Bohemian Rhapsody, undoubtedly a theatrical performance, Roger can be called on for an encore.

Perimeters reusable hoarding outside Hall for Cornwall

Perimeters reusable hoarding with kentledge fits the bill

Perimeters worked with developer Kier to design a compact site compound. Using Perimeters kentledge system, hoarding could be placed without the need to dig even with the wind loads to be expected  from Truro’s coast proximity. Similarly, Perimeters proprietary kentledge system could be adjusted to keep hoarding absolutely vertical even where the ground was uneven or sloping.

A further advantage of Perimeters reusable hoarding is that it presents a totally smooth face on the “public” side.  Individual boards are held in place using a propriety system that both attaches the boards to a scaffold framework, but also forces adjacent boards’ tongue and groove together.  So in areas where there is high footfall, like outside Hall for Cornwall, there is no risk to the public of being caught on protruding screw heads: with Perimeters reusable hoarding all the fittings are kept safely site side.

Ready for 2020 curtain up

Finally robustness is another important consideration for choosing Perimeters reusable hoarding.  With the work at Hall for Cornwall scheduled to continue through to 2020, the developer wanted a hoarding that once in place, could last without deteriorating or need for replacement.  With single use timber composite boards, that just couldn’t be guaranteed; buckling, delamination  and detachment from timber framework often starts to become a problem within 12 months of installation; exposure to the British weather ensures to that especially in coast Cornwall.  No such issues with Perimeters reusable hoarding: the surface is impervious to moisture and the steel scaffold framework won’t deteriorate no matter what the weather.

So come 2020, Perimeters hoarding from Hall for Cornwall will be dismantled and got ready for its next role. Reusable hoarding avoids the landfill waste that timber composite hoarding generates.  Perimeters looks forward to the next curtain up at Hall for Cornwall, and appreciate having been able to contribute our piece.