100 re-usable hoarding projects completed by Perimeters

Perimeters does the ton of re-usable hoarding projects

More re-usable hoarding, less landfill

A busy summer for Perimeters re-usable hoarding, and its partners, has brought up the ton. Yes, since Perimeters (UK) Limited was formed in March 2017, it has now completed 100 projects.  We’d like to thank all our clients who helped us bring up this milestone: Kier Construction, CG Fry, Midas Construction & Retail, SCB Groundworks, Legacy Properties, Interserve, Gilbert & Goode, Brady Construction, ISG, URBN Construction, PIN CM and all the developers we have done single projects with.

Re-usable hoarding to become the norm?

There is increased public awareness of the environmental impact of single use materials.  Forward thinking developers are getting their own houses in order.  Partnering with Perimeters, deploying  re-usable materials, and recycling at end of usable life.  The waste timber based site protection sends to landfill is eliminated.

And by partnering with Perimeters, developers get the benefit of site protection achieved using more robust materials that don’t deteriorate with weathering.

Perimeters’ re-usable hoardings’ smooth panels slot together with a tight tongue and groove. The boards held in place from behind by purpose designed clips.  There is no danger of screws or nails protruding and potentially causing injury in public contact areas.

A solution across the the sectors

Perimeters developed its expertise designing and installing TWf2012:01 compliant site protection solutions in Cornwall, England’s windiest and hilliest county. This experience has taught us the lessons we can use to protect sites whatever their location.  Inland or coastal, rural or urban, commercial or residential.  The examples listed below show the range of Perimeters’ experience.

  • Schools: Trevithick Camborne,  Chagford Sch Chagford, Kingfisher Bristol
  • Hospitals: Royal Devon & Exeter, Tavistock NHS Trust
  • Hotels:  Headland Newquay, Royal Clarence Exeter
  • Housing:  Nansledan & Woodlands Newquay, Poundbury Dorchester
  • Student Accommodation:   GSA Exeter, Beckley Point Plymouth
  • Redevelopments: Exeter Coach & Bus Station, Aerohub Newquay, Portside Park Avonmouth
  • High public contact sites: Bodmin Jail,  Hall for Cornwall Truro, Morrisons Plymstock

Sustainable site protection in tight city centre sites

Perimeters re-usable hoarding increases sustainability in any construction project.  Perimeters modular system,  is also more adaptable for redeployment to changing boundaries as sites develop.  This is particularly important in areas where space is tight and dig in hoarding is not possible. In these situations Perimeters’ kentledge solution comes into its own;  suitable for even steep gradients and where city centre developments require no-dig but need a fencing solution that can’t occupy much space.

Here’s to the next 900

To all our clients who have had the confidence to partner with us, and the keep working with us, Thank You.

To any developer thinking about how switching to re-usable hoarding would benefit their developments, please get in contact at, we’d be happy to help and the planet will thank you.