Perimeters hoarding keeping the public safe at Bodmin Jail

Hoarding to keep the public safe at Bodmin Jail

Keeping the public safe was the historic function of Bodmin Jail.  Perimeters is taking over that function on the site.

Bodmin Jail is home to a popular tourist attraction that explores the history of the site including “ghost walks”.  In addition, the imposing architecture is backdrop to a busy functions business, hosting weddings and conferences.   When Bam Ritchies began planning the £30m redevelopment of the site, they wanted a way to safely segregate their development area from the public as all current businesses would continue to operate during the development.  Perimeters was happy to be asked to design and install a hoarding solution that both ensured the development site was protected, but also was fitting for a boundary with an attractive setting.

Optimal installation for public interface

Perimeters kentledge solution ensured the hoarding had secure footings in an area where no digging was possible.  The kentledge will also allow the boundary to be easily reshaped during the course of the project.  Because Perimeters prepares its materials off site,  the installation could take place over a couple of days.  As importantly in an area of high public usage, with no painting or cutting of boards,  the risks of spills, sparks or flying debris are eliminated.

Hoarding to keep the public safe

Hoarding to keep the public safe also means for on-going usage.  Perimeters re-usable hoarding, has a smooth front face, with no screws or nails, inherently reducing the risks to the public compared to composite timber hoarding which is screwed or nailed to a timber frame.  Also being non-flammable, Perimeters re-usable hoarding provides another risk reduction to public areas compared to timber based hoarding.

Great looking

But security and maximising public welfare didn’t come at the price of appearance.  Following the Considerate Constructors’ code,  the developers had Perimeters install site viewing windows, both adult and child height, to allow the public in observe the development’s progress.   Off site preparation allowed painting to be done in optimal conditions ensuring a consistent glossy finish. And finally the flatness of Perimeters boards ensures marketing materials are displayed without distortion.

Don’t be haunted

So if you have a development project which interfaces an area of high public usage, and don’t want to be haunted by poor choice of hoarding, get in contact with Perimeters.