Perimeters clients meeting the Construction Leadership Council goals

Perimeters helps clients meet the Construction Leadership Council goals

Perimeters helps its clients achieve the The Construction Leadership Council goals to transform the industry.

Who are the Construction Leadership Council (CLC)?

The CLC’s objective is to drive industry improvement. It draws together business leaders from across the sector to identify how to promote solutions.

And the construction sector is massive, representing 8% of GDP and 10% of employment.  It is 6 times larger than the automotive industry.  Every year £150 billion is invested through the public and private sectors – creating the foundations for UK growth.

The CLC aims to identify the levers, and incentives to deliver the outcomes we desire and the benefits to all who participate.  To achieve these outcomes CLC has set the following goals for the industry.

Goal 1: Reducing Carbon Emissions by 50%

  • Perimeters reusable hoarding: Lower transport & manufacture emissions use only UK manufacture. Reduced disposal emissions through re-use & recycling. Each meter of Perimeters’ re-usable hoarding reduces landfill by 200kg over its usable lifespan before being sent to be re-cycled.
  • Timber composite hoarding: Imported material and landfill after single use

Goal 2: 50% reduction in project time

  • Perimeters reusable hoarding: Offsite preparation of its modular system can reduce onsite time and disruption by 60%
  • Timber composite hoarding: cutting, fixing and painting onsite. Added mess and risk of injury, and time consuming

Goal 3: 33% reduction in cost

  • Perimeters reusable hoarding: Faster install and easier to adapt as sites develops
  • Timber composite hoarding: need to replace weathered timber hoarding during builds over 12 months. Difficult to adjust.

If you aim to reap the benefits of achieving the Construction Leadership Councils Goals, talk to Perimeters on how our site hoarding can help you.