Good looking hoarding keeps tills ringing

Perimeters is the safest hoarding for public interface areas

Hoarding’s role is always to keep the public away from the active area of a construction site.  A “live” commercial site demands additional considerations.  When ISG asked Perimeters to provide hoarding for their refurbishment of the Morrisons at Plymstock, assurance that the end clients’ business could continue as normal  was built in.

An especially rigorous approach must be taken to managing risks of the public interface at a “live” commercial site.  The assumption has to be that members of the public will be present in close proximity throughout the installation, use and dismantling.

During the installation Perimeters hoarding is inherently lower risk in a public area.  First Perimeters re-usable hoarding panels slot together using a smooth tongue and groove design gripped from behind by proprietary  clips. This avoids the use of the many screws used to attach traditional timber composite boards.  Consequently the sharp screws that often litter the ground around other hoarding are noticeable by their absence at a Perimeters site.  Next as Perimeters panels are prepared off site, there is no need to cut panels, avoiding the use of cutting tools that not only are a danger in themselves but can scatter debris and sparks.  And finally, off site preparation includes finishing the boards in their final colour, so no risk of paint splashes on surrounding areas or customers’ clothes getting dappled. Branding can be applied consistently to a high quality.

Once installed, Perimeters hoarding demonstrates other advantages in areas that form a public interface.  The material used for Perimeters boards, u-PVC, is non-flammable.  And being made of a single material, that non-flammability is consistent.  Traditional hoarding being based on an inherently flammable material, i.e. timber, may have additives to reduce the fire risk.  But as with any composite material there is a possibility of inconsistencies in the mix causing properties, including flammability, to vary across or between batches.   Fire risk, whether triggered accidentally or nefariously, is eliminated using Perimeters hoarding.

Another important property of Perimeters re-usable hoarding is that it doesn’t splinter.   In busy areas,  like shops, hospitals or schools,  accidental collisions with barriers are almost inevitable.  If the edges of ply hoarding become exposed, a collision could force flesh against an unfinished edge, splinter or screw head.  Perimeters boards are attached from behind, with only smooth surfaces on the publicly exposed side.  Perimeters hoardings’ steel framework ensures even during a collision, boards will be sufficiently rigid and robustly held, that the initial impact won’t dislodge anything.

Perimeters re-usable hoarding communicates the message “open for business”.