Elegant marketing in an exposed location

Marketing prestige requires robust backing

Marketing your project requires impactful graphics. Keeping them looking that way requires robust hoarding especially when you’re in an exposed location.

Midas Construction Limited came to Perimeters with a project in a very exposed location, Fitzroy Apartments located on top of the coastal cliffs at Falmouth. But as important as being able to withstand the full force the Atlantic winds, the development needed to maintain a prestigious appearance throughout the build.

Marketing elegance in winter storms requires strength

Perimeters re-usable hoarding system using kentledge blocks was selected. By using kentledge the site was able to borrow some space from the surrounding footpaths for the duration of the build. Perimeters hoarding provided the perfectly flat backing for di-bond aluminium marketing panels. Not only were the panels easy to mount, as Perimeters hoarding is impermeable, the panels don’t distort or weather.

So as you can see from the photo,  even after a winter of heavy storms and 10 months of installation, the marketing messages are presented free of buckles or other distortions.  It is the elegance of Fitzroy Apartments that is effectively conveyed, but it is the robustness of Perimeters hoarding and kentledge system that ensures that poise doesn’t slip.