Safe fencing from Perimeters

Perimeters site specific designs ensure safe fencing

For developers having safe hoarding and fencing is essential.  Reputations rest on safety.  Injuries need to be avoided. Safe fencing requires the right partner.

Who’s liable? It could be you

Perimeters takes the duty to provide safe fencing seriously. Others don’t.  Recent distressing scenes of a fence collapse at Carrickfergus  show what can go wrong. The wrong fencing partner was chosen.

Upsetting Fencing Collapse at Carrick Fergus

A developer rents temporary fencing

Fencing delivered to site and installed with site labour. It will be the developer who is liable if anything goes wrong.

If an installer is used, but doesn’t have the right insurance coverage? The developer could still be on the hook.  This applies as much to temporary site guard panel installations as to hoarding.

Perimeters provides safe fencing

If you choose Perimeters for your temporary fencing, we can provide site specific designs. This ensures that the installation design is appropriate for the site: location, probably wind loads and soil conditions all taken into account.

Temporary fencing from Perimeters has its design verified by an independent structural engineer. You also have the assurance that each  design is backed up by a proper level of insurance.

Developers shouldn’t gamble when it comes to temporary fencing. For safe fencing, partner with Perimeters.