free standing re-usable hoarding by Perimeters

Super re-usable hoarding at Priory School, Weston

At Priory Community School, Kier Construction presented Perimeters with a challenge: complete hoarding for a 500m boundary over the school Easter break. Time was short, but standards must be kept high.  Perimeters re-usable hoarding was the right solution at Super.

The installation was designed, verified and assembled. The team and materials arrived on site within two weeks of receiving the order.

School returns, site secured and pupils safe

After only 10 working days on site the full 540 metres of temporary boundary was completed.  This included the installation of 6 fully galvanised vehicle gates, 2 pedestrian gates and 1 emergency exit.

Perimeters’ re-usable hoarding doesn’t splinter and is non-flammable, unlike traditional timber hoarding.  And the condition it is installed in, is the condition it stays, resisting weather damage.  These characteristics make Perimeters’ re-usable hoarding particularly suitable for areas where there is public contact, e.g. schools , shopping areas or hospitals

The hoarding was coloured to Kier specification, white and trimmed in red.  Specifically designed display boards were added that enabled site safety information to be clearly displayed.

Kentledge, a re-usable hoarding solution

Perimeter’s deployed their kentledge system, which uses  specially designed concrete blocks to support the framework, which in turn supports the panels.

When the site is complete and the boundary removed, the elements of Perimeters hoarding will be dismantled, refurbished and made ready for re-use.

Using Perimeters re-usable hoarding solution leaves the site pristine, avoiding the landfill bound waste that comes from traditional hoarding and reducing the resources consumed.  Better for the site and  better for the plant.

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