Site fencing rental, it’s a thing

When planning site fencing, it’s important to look at all the available options.  Site fencing rental would be the most advantageous choice for many users.

What’s wrong with the traditional timber hoarding, purchased outright for the life of a site?  Is your site fencing going to be in place for a year or more?  Timber boards combined  with British weather, can leave your fencing in need of a fix up that may go well beyond a coat of paint.

Timber hoarding required bracing

Moldy and in need of bracing, that’s timber hoarding


With solid timber used for posts and rails, but composite timber (ply or OSB) for boards, thermal expansion and contraction occur at different rates between the two.  This has two big negative effects.  First screws are slowly pulled out of the posts.  It only takes a small gap, and the unprotected interior of the board is now exposed to moisture.

Water in, flatness out, hello splinters

With moisture now able to enter, the boards swell and begin to deform.  This all does nothing for the appearance.  However it also can have negative safety implications.

Delaminated boards are more fragile and become prone to fracturing and splintering.  If your site borders public space or places where people pass, you may be putting them at risk.  Even more worrying is that ugly boards often can be loose boards.  Maybe the hoarding when installed was safe, but will it be for the life of the site?  What about those “unforeseen” delays that seem to happen on most projects. Will the site fencing be safe throughout the life of the site? Or do you feel lucky?

Green moldy timber hoarding less green than site fencing rental

To top it all, is the environmental damage timber hoarding inflicts.  Used one and sent to landfill is bad enough.  But add to this that most of the timber used in UK hoarding is imported and all those HGV miles result in a far from green product.

Compare that to the life of Perimeter’s re-usable hoarding. Our boards, posts, scaffold and kentledge are all manufactured in the UK.  At the end of a project all material is dismantled.  We clean and refurbish and then prepare our material for it’s next assignment.

All the weathering issues have been mitigated with Perimeter’s re-usable hoarding.  Constructed of u-PVC panels mounted on a steel framework, Perimeters panels stay flat year in year out. Water just rolls off.  This provides a flat surface, that stays true, doesn’t splinter or loosen

Perimeters panels stay flat

Perimeters flat panels are excellent for marketing material

Site fencing rental,  better for the planet

The materials in Perimeters panels use are more expensive than timber.  But on a rental basis, we’re competitive when all costs are factored in, including removal (and in the case of timber, responsible disposal).  Perimeters  re-usable hoarding is better than timber hoarding, whether it’s the appearance of your site, safety, marketing or impact on the plant that matter to you. So please get in touch.