Phase 1 development at Nansledan

Re-usable hoarding makes economic sense at Nansledan

Because CG Fry takes the long view, they chose Perimeters re-usable hoarding for their Nansledan development in 2015.  And that fitted in with the long term perspective shaping the Nansledan.

Perimeters installed the hoarding and gates that formed CG Fry’s original site compound.  But with 2018 upon us, CG Fry again called on Perimeters, this time to re-position their compound.

Reusable hoarding is the responsible choice

How much better Perimeters’ system copes with wind and weathering than timber hoarding was an important factor in the original choice.  With the need to move the compound, Perimeters hoardings’ re-usabilty came to the fore.  Perimeters carefully dismantled the original compound.  This allowed Perimeters to re-condition the boards and re-use the steel framework.  Had timber hoarding been used, tonnes of land fill waste that would have been generated.  CG Fry’s responsible choice of re-usable hoarding avoided that.   The economies in materials reuse added to the cosmetic benefits of having boards that stay true for years longer than timber.

re-used hoarding and gates form the new compound at Nansledan

Because it is becoming ever clearer that economics of renting  re-usable hoarding add up, responsible developers are choosing Perimeters re-usable hoarding.