Picture perfect hoarding design at the Rocks

Hoarding design that Rocks

Perimeters provided the perfect hoarding design to support the marketing materials for Legacy Properties’ Rocks development at Holywell Bay near Newquay.  Legacy artfully filled the full flat surface of Perimeters re-usable hoarding. The first thing you’ll notice is the high quality marketing designs make a fantastic impression. Both the tone and the detail  of the designs underlined the quality of the development.  But what you won’t see are those typical timber hoarding flaws.

A hoarding design with a flat surface that stays true

A hoarding design that adds class to the message

Perimeters’ hoarding’s panels fit together with flush tight joints and provide a truly flat surface. Messages and images utilising the whole surface and make a big impact.  This is especially important where the design may be first glimpsed from a moving car or bus.

With Perimeters hoarding, even on closer scrutiny, marketing materials are well carried.  Without distracting nail or screw bumps or uneven joins, potential buyers can focus on the message as intended.

Timber hoarding often distorts and weathers and moves relative to the supporting framework. This can leave your message distinctly distorted, even buckled. Not a good look.

Keep your message rocking

By contrast, Perimeters’ hoarding design will keep its shape. The message carried will keep looking good and doing it’s job: selling your property.

When you’re putting so much effort to build quality, why fall short on your marketing? If you want a hoarding design that can complement your marketing, then use Perimeters.