Hoard Graffiti Gone with Perimeters hoarding

Hoarding Graffiti is gone with Perimeters

We all know that for a site in an urban area, hoarding graffiti is often a risk.  But how do you plan for and mitigate against the graffiti menace?  If you work with Perimeters, Graffiti will be gone as a worry.

If you use Perimeters hoarding vandals are up against it. First of all Perimeters hoarding presents a smooth impervious surface. Paint drips and pens slip. Budding Banksy’s will look elsewhere.  But for the less artistic, the damage is contained. However graffiti is applied, it will remain on the surface of Perimeters’ hoarding.  Contrast this to timber hoarding, where a rough surface often makes graffiti removal next to impossible.

Hoarding Graffiti gone

Perimeters use a bio-degradable liquid specially formulated for removing graffiti from plastic surfaces.  After application and a few minutes, graffiti that could have blighted the appearance of a site, is gone.

Protect your site from hoarding graffiti.  Use a re-usable hoarding system that can preserve your site’s appearance whatever the local vandals throw, paint or spray at it.  In conclusion, if your site hoarding is provided by Perimeters, graffiti is gone as a worry.