Artfully decorated Perimeters plastic hoarding

Be considerate, Re-usable Site Hoarding is more fun, safer and better for the environment

Perimeters working with Kier delivered a few cheerful additions to the play area at Trevithick School in Camborne.  Perimeters installed its reusable hoarding across a playground and adjacent field. This turned what could have been a monotone barrier into something all together more jazzy.

An imaginative frieze now decorates the site hoarding that protects the play area from the ongoing construction work. The frieze is already encouraging the tots to channel their “Messi”ness on the playground as well as in art class.  Ball marks pattern the age appropriate sized goal.  A site viewing window has been artfully incorporated into an image of a digger. Finally, reflecting the world changing genius of the school’s eponymous local hero, a rocket ready to launch hints at the ambition the school seeks to nurture.


Considerate Constructor

Emphasizing the Considerate Constructor credentials, at the end of the construction phase, Perimeters will carefully dismantle the hoarding, and recondition it ready for re-use. What a contrast with timber hoarding that invariable ends up in landfill.

Also the u-PVC hoarding doesn’t deteriorate and splinter like timber hoarding might.  Whilst construction site workers might wear  PPE, many  coming into contact with site fencing don’t. True whether in a play area, a shopping precinct or busy street.

In summary, being a Considerate Constructor demands only imagination and the right hoarding supplier.