CG Fry's Poundbury Site Hoarding in bold brand colours will last throughout the construction

Perimeters Poundbury Hoarding: fit for a King

CG Fry asked themselves what would be the right site hoarding solution for their Poundbury Pavillion Yard development? They approached Perimeters for the answer for their Poundbury site hoarding.  Poundbury is shaped by the principles of architecture and urban planning as advocated by HRH The Prince of Wales.  The reusable plastic site hoarding installed in CG Fry’s brand colours provides a bold statement of quality. But re-usable hoarding is also reflective of the standards of the development in other ways.

Poundbury Site Hoarding: Longlife and reusable

HRH is also sensitive to the environmental impact of his developments.  Unlike timber hoarding, Perimeters plastic hoarding won’t deteriorate during the life of a site. Whilst timber hoarding will buckle and distort with weathering after 6 or 9 months, Perimeters hoarding will hold its shape throughout the lifespan of a site. Also at the end of the construction phase, Perimeters will carefully dismantle the hoarding, and recondition it ready for re-use. What a contrast with timber hoarding that invariably ends up in landfill.