Timber hoarding looks weathered after a few months

Timber hoarding vs Perimeters’ hoarding

A picture is worth a 1000 words.  Timber hoarding weathers, distorts and buckles. Timber often needs repainting or having boards replaced. Perimeters’ hoarding doesn’t weather.  Instead it stays true throughout the life of a site.

In the picture, we see a site neighbouring Perimeters’ site for Steve Hoskin Groundworks  at PL2.  The laminated wood board is looking the worse for British weather after only a few months. Even after years, Perimeters’ hoarding will stay true.

Timber hoarding ends up in landfill

But smarter appearance is only half the story.  The expense and bother of repainting or maybe even replacing timber boards part way through a site’s life. But the cost to the environment is worse.  Timber hoarding’s final destination of timber hoarding will be landfill.

At the end of deployment on one site Perimeters’ hoarding is carefully dismantled and refurbished. Then it is ready for its next site protection mission.   In summary using Perimeters’ hoarding reduces landfill, improves site appearance and supports employment opportunities in the UK.