Custom made 12m galvanised gates

Galvanised Gates are a smart move

When considering hoarding, it pay to think about the whole package.  Smart gates = Smart site.  Gates set the tone for a site.  Perimeters now exclusively installs fully galvanised gates.  Galvanised gates look smarter on installation. But they also stay looking smart throughout the life of your site. A smart gate combined with the smooth surface of Perimeters’ hoarding sets the tone for a site.  So when you think about hoarding, also ensure you have your gates galvanised.

Perimeters fabricate our own galvanised gates

Perimeters has its gates fabricated.  We can design a custom gate to suit your site’s needs.  From 1m to 12m.  Having installed gates in many coastal locations, Perimeters’ gates are used to resisting the predations of salt ladened sea spray.