Plymouth Hoarding from Perimeters

Plymouth Hoarding : Perimeters keeps the kids playing

It’s well known, kids and construction sites shouldn’t mix. That’s where the right hoarding solution comes in. It’s not only the welfare of children that’s at stake. The liability and reputation of the construction firm is also at stake.  But urgent needs can put kids in close proximity to construction. In Plymouth Hoarding has traditionally meant timber. However timber hoarding deteriorates and splinters as it weathers.  Steve Hoskin Construction were looking for something more sensitive to the surroundings of the work they undertook in PL2.

To start with Steve Hoskin Construction googled “Plastic Hoarding” where they found Perimeters, a solution for their Plymouth Hoarding challenge.  How to make sure the work could quickly get underway without reducing the utility of the adjacent play area.  Using Perimeters reusable plastic hoarding SHC able to quickly get the right solution in place.


Plymouth Hoarding; reusable, safe and cost effective

Perimeters spent a week installing tough UK manufactured hoarding panels made from recycled PVC.  The hoarding segregated a well used children’s play area from an active construction site. The plastic hoarding doesn’t deteriorate and splinter like timber hoarding might, important in a play area.

Secure Hoarding = Safe kids

Summing up, play continued without parents worrying about misadventures occurring.